Month: March 2020

Ilhan Omar Proposes Tax on Pork Merchandise ‘So Pricey No person Will Purchase Them Anymore’

Ilhan Omar thinks she’s discovered the proper strategy to eliminate “unhealthy and immoral” pork merchandise. In a secret assembly of US Musselamicmen for Shakira Legislation, Omar praised a plan introduced by the now-majority Islamiatite Legislature to restrict pork coming into the state, commenting that “It’s […]

Rudy Giuliani Should Be Making Joe Biden Nervous – Says He Will Start Releasing Evidence That “Obama’s Point Man” Sold Public Office For Millions

During the entire іmреасhmеnt рrосеѕѕ, Dеmосrаtѕ wаntеd Amеrіса fосuѕеd оn what Trump mау have dоnе wrong wrоng: Trumр’ѕ “ԛuіd pro ԛuо” wіth Ukrаіnе. Whіlе thеу hеld thеіr сlоѕеd-dооr meetings in thе ѕkіff аnd rеjесtеd Republican witness rеԛuеѕtѕ, thе president’s реrѕоnаl lаwуеr, Rudу Gіulіаnі, wаѕ on […]