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Hanoi Jane Fonda Arrested In Washington D.C.

Hanoi Jane Fonda was just arrested in Washington D.C. signaling a new round of protests for the aging social justice warrior. Fonda earlier had promised she would start getting involved in more direct actions and recently moved to Washington to follow through on her pledge. She vowed to get arrested if she had to and… (read more)

Adviser Under Former Presidents Obama and Clinton Commits Suicide

Alan Krueger, 58, died on Saturday. Krueger’s family released a statement: “It is with tremendous sadness we share that Professor Alan B. Krueger, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and Princeton professor of economics, took his own life over the weekend. The family requests the time and space to grieve and remember him. In lieu of… (read more)

Actor Michael Shannon: Time for Trump voters to die

In an interview published Wednesday at Metro News, actor Michael Shannon said that it’s time for Trump voters to die, especially older voters. “There’s a lot of old people who need to realize they’ve had a nice life, and it’s time for them to move on. Because they’re the ones who go out and vote for these a**holes,”… (read more)

Sarah Sanders Slaps Back Hard At Former First Lady – ‘Your Husband Signed The Law’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been having a difficult time with the press recently. Immigration has been a hot-button issue and journalists and reporters alike have been going to the communications department in the White House looking for answers regarding what is happening. Recently, a press briefing devolved into a conversation and… (read more)

Hollywood Star Kurt Russell: ‘I’m Not A Republican, I’m Worse’ .. This May Lose Him Some Friends

It is a rarity that a successful child actor finds success as an adult actor and Libertarian Kurt Russell surely defeated that hurdle to a huge measure! Kurt Russell sat down with The Daily Beast where he discussed, “Cowboys, Guns, and Life as Hollywood’s Most ‘Hardcore’ Libertarian” Kurt Russell rarely discusses his political views publicly, but he… (read more)