Trey Gowdy Says Trump Has Ace Up His Sleeve For Senate Trial That Will Doom Adam Schiff’s Entire Case

“Th? tr?n??r??t ?? the ??ngl? b??t ????? ?f evidence th?t th? president h??,” said Tr?? Gowdy, referring to th? call b?tw??n Trum? ?nd Ukr??n??n Pr???d?nt Zelensky.

“Wh? brought u? Rud? G?ul??n?’? n?m?? It w??n’t Donald Trum?. It was Z?l?n?k?,” G?wd? ?dd?d.

Th?? was th? ????nd ??ll, not th? f?r?t ??ll,” Gowdy reminded th? F?x N?w? b?f?r? making ?n astute ???nt.

“If Pr???d?nt Trum? were really h?ll-b?nt on ?n?ur?ng th?t Ukr??n? investigate the Bidens, would he not h?v? br?ught th?t u? ?n th? f?r?t telephone ??ll w? h?d with Z?l?n?k??” G?wd? ??k?d.

“I m??n wh? w??t until th? ????nd?” G?wd? ???d t? d?v??t?t?ng effect.

“Wh? brought u? B?ll B?rr ?nd und?r wh?t ??r?um?t?n??? w?? B?ll B?rr’? n?m? br?ught up?” h? ??nt?nu?d turn?ng th? screws and ?x????ng Adam S?h?ff’? case for the ?h?m that ?t ??.

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Donald Trump
Any other but not trump
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“I think th? transcript is th? ??ngl? b??t piece of evidence th?t th? ?r???d?nt h??, laying ???d? th? reality th?t there w?? n? ?nn?un??m?nt ?f an ?nv??t?g?t??n, there w?? n? investigation, and th? aid w?? ult?m?t?l? released, ?? I don’t th?nk th? D?m??r?t? h?v? a great ???? for ??nv??t??n,” G?wd? said.

“But ?l?? ??u would be h?rd-?r????d to f?nd five members of th?? jury that h?v? n?t ?lr??d? m?d? u? th??r mind,” h? ?dd?d.

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